Respect your talent

From last few days, there has been the trend of returning awards. Not getting into the political aspect, one should respect his/her talent for which they are been honoured.
If you have a skill of expressing the feelings in words, bringing the change with your pen in the world. which is an achievement itself
And if this talent is not respected for a political mileage or favors. It’s an injustice to it.

Always remember, “A creative artist is one who win’s the world with his talent”.

Maggie & Memories

Their have been lots of jokes on Whtsapp,Facebook on our childhood, teenage and off course office late sitting 2 Mins snack. It was and i believe it is still anytime snack.

In school days once in a week my mom used to send veg maggie with tomato sauce.


Where in college days maggie has always been saviour from hunger. In a race to achieve set deadline, journal papers all over the study table and in all this saucy hot Maggie at Mid night… was just yummmmmy with wow feeling.

Even today I have a group in Office which is famously known as Anda Maggie group. It was sad to know that our 2 mins snack has been banned and we can’t enjoy anymore.

Hope we get a chance to cherish our memories soon again. But this time with Better Quality

Aaap Bhi…..

In delhi political parties put all efforts to win capital….same tact was used by new political party AAP. But the interesting part is this new party’s very first agenda was LOKPAL bill…. and as far as my memory help…. I never heard, saw in any news channel or paper. Where this party have even kept in its Manifesto or even spoken about it…. Light,  Paani corruption, etc, etc…..blaa blaa blaa!!!!!!!!!!! Every party promises for power in delhi…. BUT WHAT ABOUT LOKPAL BILL

Nevertheless like other parties they are also behind power…. It’s sad but true. 

Delhi ka koi na hua…. power ki lalach main saab ne uska istmal kiya. …


Two souls with same purity and affection connect each other. No matter
how far distances are, how frequently they meet.The connection of heart with soul remains forever and ever…




Sukun ki tamana rakhte hain. Do pehr ki khusiyan mil jaaye is matlabi duniya main har waqt khuda se sajde main dua karte hain.
Hum jaante hain is sansar main koi kisi ka na hua samaye ke saath har rishte baadlte hain. Phir bhi na jaane kyun.. is rang badlti duniya main hum sukun ki tamana rakhte hain….